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Open Suse

Open Suse

What about our hosting plans

Get More Power With Our Hosting Products

VPS Server

Perfect for VPN, web server, or lightweight application.

Starting from €4,49 / mo

Top Features

  • IconKVM Virtualization
  • IconCorero DDoS Protection
  • IconEnterprise Hardware
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support


  • IconEasy-to-use panel
  • IconDaily backups
  • IconFirewall Rules
  • IconSnapshots
  • IconNo bandwidth limit
  • IconRedundant RAID Storage

Game Server

Unleash gaming excellence on our cutting-edge hardware

Starting from €3,49 / mo

Top Features

  • Icon5+ Different Games
  • IconCorero DDoS Protection
  • IconEasy-to-use control panel
  • IconNVMe SSD Storage

Also Includes

  • IconDaily backups
  • IconHigh performance hardware
  • Icon1-Click Mods/Plugins
  • IconNo Slot limit
  • IconMultiple locations
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated Server

Unleash your potential with a bare metal machine.

Starting from €59,49 / mo

Top Features

  • IconFull Root Access
  • IconUnlimited Bandwidth
  • IconCorero DDoS Protection
  • IconFast Delivery
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support


  • IconBackup Support
  • IconTechnical Assistance
  • IconIPMI / Remote Access

More than just a hosting

Our strength lies in our uniqueness.



Our hardware, your peace of mind. Guaranteed uptime and data security with our in-house infrastructure.



Rapid support, always available. Count on Xurver for quick and reliable assistance.



Xurver utilizes cutting-edge Corero DDoS prototection for constant availability and against threats.



Embracing flexibility. We welcome changes and tailor our services to meet your evolving needs with ease.



Our servers, including client data, are backed up using the trusted 3-2-1 method.



We strive to achieve the perfect balance, delivering top-notch services at competitive rates.



Our dedicated network infrastructure ensures unparalleled security and privacy.



We go the extra mile to provide robust protection and ensure the security of your valuable information.


Trust our customers

What Our Customers Have To Say?


Fantastic support, support is given within 1-2 hours. We came here because our previous host had alot of downtime and simply not the specs that we needed, Xurver has provided us with the best equipment and needs for us to grow!


Good hosting, friendly help, really take the time to help you, they respond quickly really just a top hosting really recommend this.


Good hardware, dedicated support team, would definitely buy from them again!


Really high performance servers, can't remember when I didn't have 20TPS; Full and entire FTP, no file blacklist or such, backups, command scheduling etc. All you want and need for a nice minecraft server!


Would recommend Xurver to anyone looking for game servers! Their servers are powerful, the support team is professional and mature and the prices are affordable. Do I have to say anything else? GO BUY!


Running a Minecraft server for a month now and everything works perfectly with no issues at all. Would highly recommend!


The best, very good support and the quality is Worth it, after using it few time to build I can say that there is absolutely no lag. I recommend


Great experience! Good customer support and they provide what they say that they do.


Got questions?
Well, we've got answers.


New around here? Start with the basics.

VPS & Dedicated Hosting

FAQ's about VPS & Dedicated hosting.

Game Hosting

FAQ's about Game Hosting.

Web Hosting

FAQ's about Website Hosting.

General inquiries

New around here? Start with the basics.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server within a larger physical server. It offers isolated resources, an independent operating system, and application environment. It's a cost-effective solution between shared hosting and dedicated servers, providing control, customization, and security for businesses and individuals needing more flexibility and power.

What about the Game Servers?

Another great question. Xurver's is committed to delivering top-tier, game servers for FX: Server (GTA), Minecraft Java & Bedrock, and Rust. Our users enjoy complete control through our intuitive game panel, ensuring the finest gaming experience with unparalleled customization and management capabilities.

What about VPS vs. Dedicated?

Another great question. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized portion of a server, offering flexibility and isolation, while sharing the server's resources. A Dedicated Server is an entire physical server exclusively allocated to one user, delivering superior performance and control. VPS is cost-effective for moderate needs, while Dedicated Servers provide robust capabilities for intensive tasks.

How long is the setup time?

Our services boast a swift setup time of approximately 30 seconds, thanks to our automated system. However, dedicated servers might require longer setup periods due to custom configurations. We prioritize efficiency while accommodating individualized needs for a seamless experience.

What is our refund policy?

We offer a 14-day refund policy, unless the request falls outside our Terms of Service. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to ensure a hassle-free experience while adhering to our service guidelines and policies.

VPS & Dedicated Hosting

Learn about VPS & Dedicated servers.

How Do I Get Started With VPS Hosting?

Our KnowledgeBase will walk you through exactly how to configure and control your VPS server, We also have pre-configured images that can be installed with one click on the button.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade My VPS?

Clients enjoy hassle-free VPS upgrades or downgrades at any time for tailored performance. While upgrades are seamless, downgrades aren't feasible due to potential data corruption risks. This self-serve flexibility empowers clients to optimize resources as needed while maintaining data integrity.

How To Control My VPS Or Dedicated Server?

Customers easily manage their VPS by logging into the site and selecting their VPS. Dedicated Servers come with a control panel called SynergyCP, granting complete access to the bare metal machine. This user-friendly interface ensures effortless control and customization, enhancing the hosting experience for both VPS and Dedicated Server users.

Is The VPS Managed Or Unmanaged?

Our VPS servers are unmanaged, yet the option to include managed services is available.

Our skilled technical team ensures security, configuration, and software customization based on your requirements. This service extension applies equally to our Dedicated servers, providing tailored support for a worry-free hosting experience.

Do I Need a VPS or Dedicated Hosting?

Opt for a VPS or Dedicated Server for enhanced control, performance, and customization. VPS offers a cost-effective middle ground with isolated resources, while Dedicated Servers provide maximum power and privacy.

Whether for scalable growth or resource-intensive tasks, both options cater to diverse needs, ensuring an optimized hosting environment.

Game Hosting

Learn about Game hosting.

How Do I Get Started With My Game Server?

Our KnowledgeBase will walk you through exactly how to setup and control your Game server

Explore our range of pre-configured servers, primed for immediate use, and rest easy knowing our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you whenever needed.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade My Server?

Empower clients to seamlessly adjust their game server resources with self-serve upgrades or downgrades at any time, ensuring a tailored gaming experience that adapts to changing needs and demands.

What About DDoS Protection?

Our entire infrastructure benefits from robust protection through Corero DDoS Protection, safeguarding against malicious distributed denial-of-service attacks. This advanced defense system ensures uninterrupted service availability, mitigating potential disruptions and maintaining a secure online environment for our clients' game servers and data.

To delve deeper into our DDoS Protection, kindly explore our comprehensive knowledgebase for detailed insights and valuable information.

How Do I Control My Game Server?

Our game servers utilize a highly customized Pterodactyl Panel, enhancing user-friendliness for clients in managing their servers effortlessly while maintaining optimal control and performance.

How To Make Backups?

Users can conveniently create manual backups within their game panel to safeguard their game server data. Additionally, our nodes are automatically backed up every 24 hours.

In case of lost files, restoration costs may apply based on the prevailing rate, offering a balance of data protection and cost-effective measures for a worry-free gaming experience.

Web Hosting

Learn about Website hosting

How To Manage My Site?

Experience hassle-free website management with our user-friendly Plesk control panel for web hosting. Effortlessly control your website and unlock its full potential through an array of included features, empowering you to enhance performance and functionality with ease.

How Can I Make A Website?

Craft your website effortlessly with our built-in web builder or opt for the popular WordPress software. Enjoy endless creative possibilities to bring your vision to life, whether you prefer drag-and-drop simplicity or the versatility of WordPress for designing your site.

What Is A Dedicated Web Server?

Discover Xurver's Dedicated Web plan, granting you an exclusive server to harness uncompromised performance to its fullest potential. With dedicated resources and unparalleled control, you can unleash the true capabilities of your website, ensuring optimal speed, reliability, and customization for an exceptional online presence.

I Want To Register A Domain?

When ordering website hosting, conveniently secure a domain name in tandem. Our goal is to offer budget-friendly domain options, streamlining the process and minimizing costs to provide you with a seamless and cost-effective solution for your online identity.

Is My Site Protected Against Threats?

Our web services benefit from advanced Corero DDoS protection, safeguarding against malicious attacks. Additionally, our data is fortified with Anti-Virus software, ensuring a secure online environment. This dual-layer defense mechanism ensures uninterrupted service availability and shields your valuable data from potential threats, promoting a safe and reliable web experience.